Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why ceiling fan rotates in anticlockwise direction?

     The Table fan's motor is fixed to the stand and its rotor rotates with the fan blades, whereas in case of a Ceiling Fan the Motor rotates and its inner rotor is fixed to the ceiling clamp. If that has to run in clock wise direction then it pushes the Fan in anticlockwise direction. It means both the ceiling fan and the table fan both works in the same direction but since its design varies it appears to rotate in opposite direction.

     Also very few countries design ceiling fans that could rotate either way depending on whether winter or summer. Heat depending on the season you'd pick the direction. One way would remove the hot air from the ceiling and circulate it into the room (winter) while the other direction would recirculate the hot air within the room making it feel cooler (summer). It's as simple as to replicate natural air density phenomenon "It allows down-flow during the warm season and up flow during the winter".

Standards are made to ordinary but not for extraordinary, because they did it.
More than standard style(assuming ceiling fan preferred for comparatively bigger room space).

 This uniquely curved blades that push air down at an angle rather than straight down like a standard fan.

Q:Can I use a ceiling fan outside?


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